The museum Wings of Liberation is located in the SW corner of the rural area which was used by Operation Market Garden (17th -26th September 1944) as drop zones for the parachutists and a landing zone for the gliders of US 101 Airborne Division. In our guided Battlefield Tours (BFT) we aim to provide you with an opportunity to feel the 'airborne experience' by visiting some of the key Market Garden locations near the museum and the town of Son.

Our tours:

Army Tour:

In historic army vehicles we drive with the whole group to some unique nearby WW2 hotspots: After a visit to the Joe Mann monument, we drive on to the place where Lieutenant Robert Cole died in the heat of battle. At each location, our guides will tell the special stories of these WWII fighters, and you will experience what happened in these places, very special! We conclude the tour in the nearby Sonniuswijk. The place where all the gliders landed during the beginning of Market Garden. In this special place, packed with history, we tell you how the impressive operation Market Garden took place there. Just the ride in one of our historic army vehicles makes this activity a true spectacle! In total, the Army Tour lasts no less than 1,5 hours.(Price to be agreed).

Battlefield Tour 1:

Preceding this battlefield tour, we will invite you for an interesting guided Wings of Liberation museum tour. Duration of museum visit is well over 1,5 hour. After this visit vintage WW2 vehicles will be ready to take you and our guide for a ride to: LtCol Cole memorial - drop and landing zones - Paulushoef farm - IX TCC memorial with view of complete drop zone - Rooijseweg, Corridor stretch – memorial Temporary Military Cemetery – Special stop for a quick photo shoot on corridor (where ma-gen Taylor was photographed in his jeep) - Son town centre – Old Townhall with water pump- Spot where priest Hussen handed out cigars to parachutists - POWs assembly spot Café De Zwaan – Cornelius house former CP 101 Abn division - St Emilius school - bridge across Wilhelmina canal, with explanation of the German tank attack on this bridge and the corridor. Duration battlefield tour 1 is approx. 2,5 hrs. (Price to be agreed).


Battlefield Tour 2:

This extended battlefield tour has the same content as battlefield tour1. However, we will visit additional interesting sites in St Oedenrode, Eerde, St. Antone windmill and a view on drop zone A. Duration battlefield tour approx. 4 hrs. (Price to be agreed).


  • Included in all BFTs are: museum admittance, guide(s), transport in WW2 vehicles.
  • The museum guided tour always precedes the BFT.
  • All BFTs are possible to be done in your (touring) car where that option is preferred.
  • All bookings for BFTs are open for individual wishes, subject to normal conditions and the availability of vehicles.
  • A BFT presupposes some interest in the subject matter and is not suitable for children under 12 years old.


As one of our visitors put it:

this helps you recollect a time we must never forget”.